Container Sales

We sell all types of containers, dry containers, bulk containers, reefers and other special type of containers, such as double door, open side, from 53’ to mini size, both new and used.

We manufacture our own new containers regularly each year and move them to major world ports to meet local market, and we could also pre-sell based on customer requirement all over the world, we cooperate with world top 20 shipping companies to assure safety and efficiency of the delivery. Our new containers are mainly painted in RAL 5010 (Ocean Blue), and you could also have your own color and logo with certain order quantity. Moreover, you also could have your requirement of extra air vents, flooring, lockbox or forklift pockets etc. We also modify containers for housing or other container projects by customer requirement.

We also sell used shipping containers in cargo worthy condition, certified by a third party to assure they are suitable for transportation over the sea. We also keep stock for common dry containers available to meet exigent customer requirements. Also, we sell containers in IICL, WWT and ASIS condition.

Container Leasing

We offer one-way lease, short term lease and long term lease, let us know your requirement and we could also recommend a better solution, buy or rent.

We have regular one-way plans from major Chinese ports to world ports, our customers could benefit from such leasing plan, as it avoids expensive repositioning cost for empty containers. Furthermore, we accept redelivery of containers to some remote locations that most companies do not accept. Please try us.

We also offer containers to some companies that may need containers in a short period of time, say from 3 months to 12 months, you could either on-hire and off-hire containers at the same location, or you could on-hire containers at port of origin and off-hire them at port of destination, or you could use containers to move between ports to fulfill a project and return to any ports prior to approval afterwards. It brings convenience to the customer using containers within a short time.

We could also offer long term lease, normally over 3-5 years leasing period. By doing so, the rental charges would be very low and there is also opportunity owning the container at a low price after the leasing period is over if you decide to buy back.

Container Modification

We could modify the standard containers as per your requirement, such as modifying it into an office, a dorm or even a canteen. We could do as per your drawing and paper and we could also provide our drawing options based on your design. The modification can either be for brand new or for used, depending on your need.

Container Transportation

We, as a forwarding company before, understand the transportation more than other pure container sellers, we could invite the shipping companies to deliver via one-way, we also invite reliable forwarding companies to free deliver containers to some locations shipping companies won’t accept as one-way, we could reposition empty containers if the containers are not standard, we could also do the job a regular forwarding companies would offer.